3/30/2018 - CrossFit Good Life
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CFGoodLife – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

3 rounds

200m Shuttle jog (50m x4) (increase speed each round)

25m High knees

25m Butt Kicks

10 Steps, Walking Lunges

C&J warm up (No Measure)

10 pvc pass throughs

10 pvc around the worlds

30 sec pvc shoulder opener

30 sec handstand hold

10 kipping swings

With a barbell-

5 clean deadlifts

5 muscle cleans

5 Frankenstein squats

5 hang squat cleans

5 push press

5 back rack good mornings

Clean and Jerk (12-9-6-3)

Barbell does not need to be cycled but do not leave your bar between reps, rest as needed between sets. 20 minutes of working time.

Metcon (Time)

Accumulate a 2 minute L sit hold on the rings. Scaling option is 2 minute L sit on boxes or 2 minues knee raise hold on boxes.