7/14/2018 - CrossFit Good Life
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RX: Team snatch max (1×1)

As a team of 4 establish a 1 rep max. Score is total weight for the entire team. 8 min time cap

SC: C&J complex (1X1)

In teams of 4 complete the following complex for heaviest weight per team member

1 power clean

1 hang clean

1 clean

1 shoulder to overhead

Score is total of 4 teammates, 8 mins to establish.

Metcon (Time)

In a team of 4, working in pairs…

Partner A/B

Row for cals while partner C/D run 300 meters together then 120 double unders (1:1 singles)

60 toes to bar (hanging knee raises)

30 syncronized db snatch 50/35 (35/20)

Once partner C/D complete snatches then partners A/B begin metcon and partners C/D row for cals.

Score is metcon time, record cals in notes.

*if a/b complete the metcon under the time cap, ALL teammates may switch out on the rower as needed

*15 Min time cap