Meet Rob - A member of CrossFit Good Life for over a year! - CrossFit Good Life

Meet Rob – A member of CrossFit Good Life for over a year!

“I have worked out in some form or another since high school.  Most of this has been in the form of running, weight lifting (single hinge movements) and cardio machines.  Over the course of this time my fitness level and weight fluctuated widely, dependent on amount of travel, diet at the time and amount of exercise.

I became interested in CrossFit through my son.  He took a weight lifting elective in high school taught by Coach Ben Williams.  Ben incorporated functional fitness movements and Olympic lifting in the course.  This led Luke to sign up for a teen challenge competition in Canton, GA – based on his  performance in that event we decided to get him some formal coaching.  CrossFit GoodLife had just opened and was close to home so we reached out.  Sandi was a little concerned about the safety of CrossFit and asked if I’d go with Luke a couple of times to make sure it was safe.  After a couple of sessions I was absolutely hooked.

What I like about CrossFit over other methods of “working out” 1) the results – when your kids brag about abdominal muscle definition in their 50 year-old dad that’s pretty cool 2) It is constantly varied – I never get bored and I’m constantly challenged.  3)  The community – a host of new friends drawn closer through communal suffering!  – Lastly and this change happens subtly, but likely most importantly, there has been a significant change in what I view as “healthy”.  Examples include cutting out processed foods or things that say “low fat” and limiting sugars and the types of sugars.  Other changes include having actual goals for my fitness other than “fit for 50” – if the goal includes weight it has nothing to do with how I’m tipping the scale but how much I can get over my head.  Other changes include what I do when I travel – I research local area gyms and drop in or if I can’t find a CrossFit facility that works I program a WOD using functional fitness movements rather than just 3 miles on the treadmill.  It’s been a complete lifestyle change over the course of a year.” – Rob Johnson


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