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Our CrossFit WOD classes represent our core programming. They are specifically designed to permit ample time for warm-up, movement instruction, and a workout.  Typical classes are structured as follows:

  • Warm-up – Includes mobility and dynamic stretching.
  • Skill/Strength Session – Includes basic strength training or instruction and practice in skilled movements. In recognition of how technical the Olympic Lifts are, there will be a strong emphasis on these lifts during these sessions.
  • Workout of the day (WOD) – Includes a mixture of gymnastic, metabolic conditioning and weightlifting modalities performed at (relative to the individual) high intensity.
  • Cool-Down* – Additional recommendations for mobility and static stretching will be given.

In keeping with the CrossFit methodology, the Skill/Strength Sessions and WODs will vary each day, allowing for a wide and constantly varied stimulus. However, on the whole, programming will be adjusted to enhance specific weaknesses in the member base as needed.

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The First Step Is To  Sign up for a 2 Day Session with our Head Trainers.

This includes 2 one hour sessions where you will learn more about what CrossFit is and  what we define “fitness” as. You will experience one on one training to learn the base line of all of our movements used at CrossFit Good Life.

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