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The [New] Class Structure

The [New] Class Structure


Alright guys!

We’re starting a new class structure this week. Some of you may have experienced it last week if you were in one of my classes.

Basically each class will be lead from start to finish. What does that really mean?

  • Class starts on time; even if someone is in the bathroom!
  • The coach leading the class will take EVERYONE through a warm-up TOGETHER.
  • After the warm-up, the strength or skill for the day will be demonstrated and everyone will perform some technique reps together. This may be with just your body weight, or with an empty barbell.
  • The strength or skill will have a timer for rest periods to ensure everyone starts and finishes at the same time.
  • Once the strength/skill is complete, the conditioning for the day will be introduced and demonstrated.
  • Again, everyone will perform reps of each movement together then you can setup your equipment.
  • All conditioning will have a time cap to ensure the class finishes with at least 5 minutes to stretch.
  • After the conditioning, cleanup will take place. Use the spray bottles and towels to clean your equipment.
  • Make sure not to start cleaning up until everyone is done, or the time cap has been reached.
  • At the end of the class, the coach will lead a cool down/stretch to finish out the session.

I’ve ran some classes like this last week and noticed that everyone needs to be anticipating the next step, and moving quickly to stay on schedule. Listen to the coach and don’t start loading your bars with weight before they say.

Be on time for class. For every minute someone is late, up to 5 minutes, the class will owe 5 burpees. It’s up to the coach to decide when they will be done. I’ll probably throw them on at the end of a workout as a cash out. If someone is more than 5 minutes late, they will have to warm-up on their own. They will not be allowed to perform the “A.” portion of that training, but will be able to warm-up and perform “B.”. Beware, your friends may not let you come in if they’re not down with doing burpees for you….

Coaches will be at the gym 15 minutes early, except to the 5:15am. At this time, approach them with any injuries, or questions you have. If you think you’ll need extra help with scaling, try to figure it out at this time with them.

Starting this week, Thursdays will be a normal day. Thursday will no longer be a rest day. A strength/skill and conditioning will be programmed and the class will run like all the other days.

The 6:15am class has been a ghost town over this last year. We’re going to close the Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 6:15am classes, but keep open Tuesday/Friday 6:15am. If you need to get your gainz in, wake up and join the awesome 5:15am crew! Once the Tuesday/Friday 6:15am class starts filling up, we’ll look to reopen more 6:15’s.

The new structure will allow us to:

  • Improve the quality of coaching
  • Start and end on time
  • Increase the energy in class
  • Work on the basics daily for baby birds and veterans
  • Ensure everyone cools down and performs mobility daily

If you have any questions, ask in our FB group or reach out to one of our coaches.


Lets kill it this week!